Last 8 years ive had a slow but steady hair loss in sides and front, and for the last 2years ive been on Rogain wich it helpt for a wille mainlley to stopp the hairloss but never got my hair growth in to shape.
Ive been following the new procedures both FUT adn FUE, and i was felling confident that FUE rezults where so good at this stage that there was no holding bck enymore but to start the journey towards my new hair.
Mainlley i did chek the Posseidon clinc in Norway since it the closer one but wiht the pricing and low amount of pacients they have had i wasnt feling confident at all, i chekt abroad towards Germany and England, was somhow disapointed that they couldnt transplant more then 1500Grafs pr treatment adn with my need og 3000grafs+ i had to make several trips wich didnt help.
So when i started to chek up on Turkey it really got the ball going, specially since there is aboudence of clinics that do ofer the treatemnt but also the do treatments above 3000grafs.
My choice dropt on and boy i was lucky, as soon i sendt my info about what i was looking for the Manager called me on my office phone and we had a awsome conversation about the FUE hairtransplant, i sendt my pictures got the fedback the day after and 2weeks later on ok.20.2014 i was in Istanbul where the Clinic's driver picked me up and the day after i did the procedure where 3520 grafs where transplanted, it tokk around 8 Hours i didnt feal eny discomfort or pain, i had seveal breaks in between but with high speed broadband and my pc streaming movies it whent like a dream.
And boy what a view i had wille the where working AWSOME.

Benjamin Brahimi, Ilker Apaydin, MD Review