Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT Hair Transplantation At the moment the most frequently applied and the most advanced technique is transplanting physiological hair groups called follicular units after extracting them from a strip of hair in the hair ring. This technique has long replaced the technique of traditional mini-micro graft hair transfer.

In this section, some of the most important aspects of the technique are listed. NewAge Clinic ensures the use of exclusively follicular units (FU) in all hair restoration operations.

What is a Follicular Unit (FU)?

When looked from a distance, hairs are perceived to be growing side by side in a fixed pattern. Nonetheless, this is not the case. They are natural bunches of hair which are formed by more than one hair follicle. They are distinguishable only under a three-dimensional microscope.

Scars Formed After the Operation

He have a clearly set goal at NewAge Clinic : The scars which are formed after the operation must be so fine and thin that they must be hardly noticed even by a hairdresser and must be completely covered with the rest of the hair.

How are Follicular Units Obtained?

Before the treatment, in order to determine the optimal number of hairs needed during hair transplantation to the balding areas, the follicular density of the donor area is measured.

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